About Us

HRH Geology is the leading industry provider of service solutions within the field of Operational Geology. We pride our business on our strong commitment to pioneering new and innovative solutions to help drill better wells.

Our core principles have remained unchanged throughout more than 25 years of business as we continually seek new and exciting technology in addition to providing highly trained and motivated people to deliver success for oil and gas companies around the world.

HRH Geology was formed in 1989 by a group of geologists driven to deliver high quality geology to the oil and gas industry. The HRH name is an acronym of the three founding partners and forms the basis of the company logo which has evolved over the years as we strive to convey our reputation as a modern, forward looking, and dynamic company.

We carry out business in over 55 countries, deploy our software into some of the world’s largest corporations, deliver training courses on all continents and place geologists in most E&P environments. We continue to look for new markets to penetrate our products and services into as we continue our venture of growth.

HRH Geology has headquarters in Aberdeen which also provides the location of our UK and European service base. With regional offices in Houston, Abu Dhabi and Jakarta and agent representation around the world HRH has a truly global presence.