Brownfield Geology

Selected by many platform operators, Geologging is a service solution for brownfield or mature assets. It provides a lightweight but geologically focused alternative to traditional mudlogging services and reduces cost.

A typical Geologging service consists of two experienced geologists providing 24-hour geological cover for the well. Collecting and describing cuttings samples, the geologists integrate drilling data collected from the rig instrumentation system with their geological interpretation using HRH Gravitas software. Data, logs and reports are synchronized back to the operations base to assist in daily decision making.

Independent gas-in-mud detection is also provided as part of the Geologging service by an ATEX certified DrilGas system.

Geologging reduces cost and is aimed at minimizing both the headcount on the platform/rig and the use of deck space by mudlogging units whilst providing high-quality, continuous geological control of the well.

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