Corporate Database Interaction Case Study

HRH worked with a large Middle-East operator to produce four plug-in WinDOT Tools for use at the wellsite to match existing workflows and in the office to integrate data with their corporate database system.

The company’s wellsite staff were used to working to an agreed manual paper workflow. With the deployment of Gravitas, they wanted a computerized mimic of their existing workflow to ease acceptance and make more efficient use of the information collected. HRH developed two WinDOT tools to perform lithology entry and printing and ROP printing to match the company’s procedures.

The existing system followed a primarily manual workflow. The introduction of Gravitas allowed for automation to take place and for the first time ROP, Cuttings Lithology, Lithology Description and Hydrocarbon Shows data to be synchronized regularly with their corporate database during drilling operations. In addition to this WinDOT export tool an import tool was developed to automatically create a Gravitas well from the corporate database.

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