Customized “Private” courses

“Private” training courses structured to suit individual client companies

Private courses are designed by HRH Geology in close co-operation with the client by selecting topics from any of the standard classroom-based courses; geological analysis and interpretation courses, geological management courses and drilling operations courses. These modules are then blended with the client’s own data, procedures and paperwork etc. to provide a syllabus fully tailored to address the needs of the attendees.

The private nature of the course allows confidentiality to be fully protected, although courses can be shared by multiple clients, such as operator and partner companies if preferred.

Courses can be run at the HRH Geology training facility in Aberdeen, or at the client’s own venue which could mean large savings in travel expenses for clients whose operations are located some distance from Aberdeen, UK. Additionally, client-supplied facilities ensure that there is little or no overhead involved in terms of cost of venue meaning your training budget is actually spent on training.

Course dates are mutually agreed between HRH Geology and the client – please note that private courses do not appear on the HRH Geology Training schedule within the website.

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