Geological Training

Advances in technology must be accompanied by investment in our most valuable assets – our people.

With increasingly demanding drilling environments, HRH Geology understands that well trained, knowledgeable people work with confidence; maximizing efficiency and productivity, giving your organization the competitive edge.

HRH Geology’s training courses set the benchmark for our industry. Our consistently high standards have cemented our reputation as the leading provider of operational geology training to the Exploration and Production industry.

We offer a wide range of courses delivered in the following training formats:

  • Bespoke ‘Private’ coursesview the course calendar
    Designed to meet the specific needs of the client, courses can be constructed to combine materials from any of the standard HRH Geology courses. It is also possible to include client-specific data and workflows upon request. Dates, location and duration of the course are all at the discretion of the client company.


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