Gravitas Overview

Gravitas is an integrated operational geology system that comprises of a number of application modules, including Winlogng the world leading log drawing solution. These fit together to provide a rich operations geology toolset to manage the geological workflow and seamlessly integrate with other disciplines such as drilling.

Scalable from a single laptop user to a multi-user centralized system, Gravitas gives the client flexibility to monitor, log, chart and report operations as required. Information held in the Gravitas database may be instantly shared to facilitate collaboration and avoid duplication of effort.

Gravitas provides a flexible, systematic solution to the problems faced by assets in today’s digital oilfield and ensures that organizations can make informed decisions throughout the well lifecycle.

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With its philosophy of collect data once and use many times Gravitas reduces the effort required to create logs, charts and reports throughout the entire well lifecycle. Gravitas has a phase architecture within wells allowing data from one well lifecycle phase to be inherited by the next, as appropriate. Data collected during the Wellsite phase may be used in the final QC phase avoiding duplication and reducing effort.

Being a multi-user client/server application suite Gravitas enables your team to work with information that is consistent and up to date. Gravitas improves the effectiveness and productivity of asset teams with its ability to effortlessly visualize and report the well from many perspectives.

Data Management

Gravitas data is held in a centralized location and user access to it controlled via the Well Manager service. Any and all documents, including charts, reports, associated with a well may also be stored in the well folder structure along with the data.

Each user has their own login and along with user group permissions this is used to determine their access to the various wells within the database. An auditing facility allows for key data changes to be logged for audit trail purposes.

Collections of wells for an asset, or other logical sets, may be organized using the Well Groups feature.


Gravitas is designed to support multiple concurrent users in the operations team. As changes are committed to the database the Well Manager sends notifications to all connected client applications. Where relevant they automatically refresh to show the changed data.

A differential synchronization facility also exists so that remote rig operations may update the office with only data that has changed rather than having to send a complete well file. Thus the office team can follow progress at their pace over restricted communications links.


Data managed by Gravitas can be easily distributed to users of other systems enhancing communication and improving efficiency. This may be via standard export routines to popular flat file formats, or more sophisticated direct connections like WITSML using WinDOT technology.

The latter offers several advantages including the means to automatically map and manipulate the data as required. See the WinDOT section for further information.