Transform your data workflows with your geologist in the cloud


From log visualization and analysis, well correlation, pore pressure monitoring to daily and end of well reporting, GravitasEDGE includes charts, logs and reports which can be easily adapted for your operations.

Users have access to a rich operations geology toolset allowing them to manage their geological workflows and aid their analytical decision-making during drilling operations and throughout the entire lifecycle of the well.


Analytical decision-making during drilling operations
Pressure Monitoring in Highly Deviated Wells
HPHT Wells
Operational Correlation
Daily Reporting
Summary Log
Analytical decision-making and reporting throughout the full well lifecycle
Planned Vs Actual
Composite Log
End of Well Reporting
Plug and Abandon
Supporting the Energy Transition
Carbon Capture
Integration with Industry Standard Models

Data is in our DNA

“All of our software developments are based around the phrase “It’s all about the data”. And we wanted the data to be as open and accessible as possible. Digitization, for HRH Geology, started from the founding of the company.”

David Harrison
Executive Chairman and Founder