Transform your data workflows with your geologist in the cloud


GravitasEDGE has been designed to scale from a single rig to a global enterprise with no geographical restrictions. Delivering an agile and comprehensive workflow to users, whilst ensuring performant field data capture, GravitasEDGE has been engineered to break down geographic and connectivity barriers during drilling operations.

GravitasEDGE uses leading edge industry standards and provides everything required for a clients digital transformation strategy, improving productivity and data management for all users. GravitasEDGE supports private cloud, public cloud or on premises, allowing a choice of cloud hosting options. Propriety technology provides simple efficient synchronization of data and documents enabling collaboration of users regardless of location and quality of connection. GravitasEDGE apps are used for local data processing, cloud apps for global access to data and mobile apps for interaction on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

GravitasEDGE is a truly scalable solution, delivering transformative workflows from a single string operation through to a global enterprise operation.

Effortless Deployment & Management

Date, files and resources managed by GravitasEDGE in the cloud.

GravitasEDGE Platform manages access to data, charts, documents and any other resources with a Well
GravitasEDGE configurations are managed via a Web App and includes:
Containerized deployment

GravitasEDGE Mobile

Collaborate on any device, anytime, anywhere. The GravitasEDGE Mobile App allows users to view Winlog Charts and reports from any location from any device.
All you need is an internet connection and the right permission to a GravitasEDGE platform.

Leveraging technological advances

“When we first visualized the rig of the future we would have no idea of some of the challenges that lay ahead.  But through those challenges came great innovation throughout our sector.  The technology revolution truly accelerated, with our clients embracing cloud computing, exploiting its agility, flexibility, and scalability.”

Amy O'Sullivan
Director/Chief Operating Officer