Managing Legacy Data Archives

Oil companies are regularly faced with the prospect of obtaining value from paper archives containing field prints, reports and other documents that are routinely stored in data rooms or are acquired through the acquisition of a new asset.

The Bureau Service from HRH provides a number of cost effective services for transforming this historical geological and well engineering information into valuable logs, reports and managed Gravitas data archives. These archives are then used by clients for reporting, well planning, information exchange with partners and service companies and meeting government reporting requirements.

Our experienced geologists combine data extracted from log prints and reports with electronic data files into a single, quality controlled, and comprehensive well-data store in Gravitas. Winlog is then used to generate a range of high quality logs, from well prognoses and drilling engineering logs to completion logs and well correlation montages as required.

Our digitizing service enables the capture of information from paper log prints to electronic files that can be imported into the Gravitas data store making it easily accessible for Winlog logs and Repgen reports and for transfer to other corporate software applications thus promoting communication, collaboration and organized archiving.

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