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DrilGas 2 - Ensure Your Driller Has Accurate Gas Readings

Ensure your driller has accurate gas readings.

Modern oil-based mud systems can cause erroneous readings. DrilGas 2 detects gas in all mud types.

DrilGas 2 is latest gas safety detection device developed by HRH Geology.

  • Reliable & Accurate Stand-Alone Gas Detector
  • Ensure Safety with Total Gas Detection of 0-100% LEL & 0-100% VOL
  • > 25 Years’ Experience Providing Gas Safety Equipment

DrilGas 2 is designed to specifically prevent erroneous readings caused by oil-based mud, allowing drillers to get accurate gas readings. The two-sensor flammable gas system using pelistor and infrared technologies measures the Lower Explosive Limit from 0-100% LEL and the total volume of gas in air from 0-100% VOL. Returns are also continuously monitored for H2S with a detection range of 0-100ppm.

The unit has a small rig footprint, is low-maintenance and robust, with all components ATEX certified. Set-up is quick and it operates stand-alone. Readings are displayed on the unit and can also be connected to the rigs computer system or other digital/analog systems.

Typical Applications of DrilGas 2

  • Rigs with no mudlogging companies operating onboard.
  • To provide an independent gas safety check on rigs where mudlogging services are active.
  • Decommissioning operations where the small footprint and zero POB requirement of DrilGas 2 is ideal.

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