Gravitas Connector For Petrel*

Extends and enhances the software’s capabilities by connecting the Petrel user to operational geology data and interpretation via a direct link to Gravitas.

For the first time, asset geoscience can seamlessly integrate workflows with operations geology through the sharing of data and interpretation before, during and after drilling.

    • Linking wellsite and operations geology to the model
    • Seamless data transfer
    • Import geological data to Petrel whilst drilling
    • Synchronize logs
    • Exchange data before, during and after drilling
    • Manage detailed lithological interpretation


Gravitas combined with the connector enables integrated and collaborative workflows. For instance, prior to drilling, the Petrel user may export the geological wellplan along with a number of quality controlled offset wells from the Petrel project into the Gravitas Well Manager. This may then be exported to the wellsite to be used by the wellsite geologist.

The connector for Petrel utilizes the multi-user architecture of Gravitas to create a powerful, seamless bridge to the operational geology team. As changes are committed by the plug-in to the Gravitas database the Gravitas Well Manager sends notifications to all connected Gravitas client applications. This ensures that there is only one copy of the data in operations geology for the Petrel user to manage.


Gravitas users describe the lithology of the wellbore using an advanced lithological interpretation interface. Now Petrel users are able to seamlessly access this interpretation in order to enhance the accuracy of their models. For example, the connector allows interpreted lithology to be imported and averaged qualifiers to be calculated.


Data can be shared between Petrel and Gravitas at the click of a button. For example, the Petrel user can export well trajectory, zone log/stratigraphy, facies/lithology and synthetic logs to the Gravitas Well Manager used by the operations geologist. This simple process dramatically reduces the cycle time required when planning a well, allowing last minute changes to a well design to be effectively communicated to the operational team.

*is a mark of Schlumberger

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