Technology Driven Services

Modern cloud technology and connected rigs are transforming the way that wells are planned and delivered in the Energy Business today. By leveraging the unique technology of GravitasEDGE and the knowledge, experience and skills of our people, a new generation of technology based operational services are now available. These services can be delivered remotely to […]

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Privacy & Cookie Policy HRH Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors of our Web site. As such, your privacy is extremely important to us, and we will openly communicate and disclose our privacy practices to visitors of our site. We operate the site by the principles set forth below. The following HRH […]


Globalize GravitasEDGE has been designed to scale from a single rig to a global enterprise with no geographical restrictions. Delivering an agile and comprehensive workflow to users, whilst ensuring performant field data capture, GravitasEDGE has been engineered to break down geographic and connectivity barriers during drilling operations. GravitasEDGE uses leading edge industry standards and provides […]


Optimize GravitasEDGE applications have been designed with the latest technology to create a seamless and optimal workflow for Operational Geoscience. Iconic applications such as Winlog have been completely re-engineered to take advantage of the power of the web to deliver a full well lifecycle workflow for all well projects including hydrocarbon extraction, gas storage, radioactive/nuclear […]


Analyze From log visualization and analysis, well correlation, pore pressure monitoring to daily and end of well reporting, GravitasEDGE includes charts, logs and reports which can be easily adapted for your operations. Users have access to a rich operations geology toolset allowing them to manage their geological workflows and aid their analytical decision-making during drilling […]


Transform your data workflows with your geologist in the cloud Find Out More Introducing GravitasEDGE The advent of digital transformation using the cloud has created a unique opportunity to build a new generation of operations geology software for the rig of the future, improving collaboration and productivity. GravitasEDGE has been designed using the latest technology, […]