Visualize wells and manage Operations

Winlogng is the most flexible log drawing application available today making it the ideal solution for visualizing wells and managing operational geology workflows and data-flows. Unlimited customization capability enables presentation of well data via log views designed to fit operational and corporate requirements. Readily customise log formats to support operational visualization plus office and field […]

Multi-well chart correlation and montage

Correlate vertical or horizontal logs created in Winlogng using EZ-Correlate™. Use Winlogng for 1D, EZ-Correlate™ for 2D and the Gravitas Connector for Petrel™ for 3D visualisation. Data driven correlation that responds to inputs to the database Quickly build montages of multiple logs from a single well or different wells Compare the active well with offset […]

SmartLithTM – Intuitive & Comprehensive Lithology

Lithology graphics are fundamental to geological log drawing; Winlogng uses SmartLithTM the most advanced, easy to use computerized lithology system ever developed. Graphically enter lithology data by dragging bed boundaries and selecting lithotypes Point and click insertion of beds and thin units for fast generation of complex interbedded sequences Add details of accessory components as […]

Vertical or horizontal Logs

Winlogng provides the ability to present vertical or horizontal well data along the wellbore within a single application. View logs in either depth or time domains, with support for: MD – measured depth TVD – true vertical depth below drill floor TVDSS – true vertical depth below mean sea level DOAWP – distance out along […]

Incorporating LogScript

Winlogng uses LogScript™, the first scripting language for logs, delivering unrivalled visualisation flexibility and analytical capability. Load data from any Gravitas well and then use Log Script™ to perform powerful calculations and plot the results Create custom plot elements to better visualise and interpret information Filter data using custom logic to only show the relevant […]