LWDandWireline Interpretation for Wellsite Geologists

Overview: Covers tool physics of the main LWD and wireline tools, the application of data gathered to formation recognition, reservoir identification & fluid recognition and quality control. The course avoids the detailed mathematics associated with many “wireline” courses that tend to specialise in petrophysics, but covers the basic principles of petrophysical analysis of logs. Duration: […]

Using Gas Data

Overview: Theory based course covering the interpretation of gases returned to the surface by the drilling mud (gas ratio analysis, total gas, carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios, etc.) with the addition of training in the operating principles of Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) gas detection hardware used by most mud logging contractors. Duration:Two days. Suitable for: […]

Interpreting Cuttings and Drilling Data

Overview: Covering the procedures involved in the collection and interpretation of drill cuttings samples. Includes sample depth lagging, correlation with drilling parameters, contaminants and so on. Duration:Two days. Suitable for: Personnel who will be exposed to drill cuttings and associated descriptions either at the wellsite or in the office. This includes geologists assigned to wellsite […]

Customized “Private” courses

“Private” training courses structured to suit individual client companies Private courses are designed by HRH Geology in close co-operation with the client by selecting topics from any of the standard classroom-based courses; geological analysis and interpretation courses, geological management courses and drilling operations courses. These modules are then blended with the client’s own data, procedures […]

Training & Mentoring

Developing a new generation of wellsite and operations geologists is vital to the future of the Exploration and Production industry. Technology and tools available to operational geologists in today’s oil industry are a world away from the days of pen and ink for hand drawing geological logs. Computer software and field-based analytical equipment mean that […]