Software Consultancy

HRH software consultants provide a range of services to ensure clients maximize the return on their investment in the Gravitas software suite.

Consultants customize Gravitas by designing well models, log and report templates for hundreds of clients worldwide. Their experience allows them to implement a wide variety of solutions to best illustrate the well.

Software consultancy has implemented custom plug-in WinDOT tools that perform a wide range of tasks. To improve data-flow tools have been built that transfer new data from Gravitas to a project data base and others that automatically populate new Gravitas wells from a corporate data store.

Our software consultancy focuses on:

  • Customizing Gravitas well models, log and report templates to meet client requirements
  • Auditing client’s implementations to ensure that data is well managed and solutions to visualize data and generate report are optimal
  • Scoping and writing bespoke software plug-ins to meet client specific work-flow and data flow requirements
  • Providing onsite assistance for installation of Gravitas

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