Software trainers

Mike Bradley – Gravitas Course Tutor

Mike is a Senior Consultant/Geologist with HRH Geology. He started working in the oil industry in 1981 when he trained as a mud-logger in the USA and the UK. He worked for several years on land rigs, offshore platforms, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and drill ships in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Holland, Angola, Egypt, Australia and Japan. Following this wellsite work, he moved into teaching which led to becoming the founder/director of a school in Japan, where he lived with his family for over twenty-five years. Since joining HRH Geology, he has taught courses in several countries including the UK, Norway, Holland, France, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austrialia, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya and Algeria! As well as training, he has developed suitable workflows and unique templates for many of the clients in these countries.

His extensive wellsite and training experience, along with being an expert user of the Gravitas software suite, mean that he can easily adapt training courses to suit the delegates’ needs.

Stephen Elliott, Specialist Support Geologist

Stephen has worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 13 years, starting out at Baker Hughes as a mud logger, until moving into a data engineering role, working mainly in the UK and Danish North Sea sectors. He then spent time within their remote operations centre as an Offline Engineer and Real-Time Systems Operator, liaising with clients in a number of countries across the Europe and Africa region. Stephen joined us in 2010 as a trainer and consultant and has taught numerous Gravitas courses in the UK, France, USA and South Africa and has been heavily involved with the requirements and testing of the next generation Winlog software. He has been involved in the development of new training courses and, being an expert user of our Gravitas software suite means he can easily adapt training courses to suit delegates’ needs.

Outside of work, Stephen is a keen runner and photographer.

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