Turning data into beautiful logs, charts & reports.

The operational and wellsite geology discipline has traditionally been the domain of simple strip log drawing systems. Today, with ever increasing digitally enabled operational environments it is important that the operational geology discipline has access to suitable technology. To meet this need HRH has developed Gravitas around Winlogng, the world’s leading log drawing solution. The system comprises a number of optional application modules which fit together to provide a rich operations geology toolset to manage the geological workflow and integrate with other disciplines such as drilling and asset geoscience.

Gravitas creates and manages electronic wellfiles and has been developed over years with geology in mind. It has the capability to collect data from rig vendors, integrate the geological interpretation and transfer knowledge to stakeholders via appropriate visualizations (log, charts, reports) and numerous data transfer mechanisms.

With a global reach, HRH’s software support team can customize log, chart and report templates and develop custom plug-in tools to integrate with other applications and workflows, ensuring the best fit for the clients’ business. A support website provides access to a knowledge base of support articles and allows support requests to be created and monitored.

Professional Gravitas trainers get end-users quickly up to speed with best practice and training courses are tailor made to suit a client’s business solution so that operational geology data management and visualization becomes a cornerstone of a successful drilling programme.

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