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business Benefits

Spectra can provide definite business benefits

Some examples of the business benefits enjoyed by Spectra clients include:

Better Well Planning Decisions

  • Appraisal Well: Spectra detected the moved oil-water contact was lower than prognosis. This gave the operator reassurance for the riskier side-track option
  • Horizontal Producer Well: real-time Spectra data was monitored to ensure the oil water contact was not crossed. The data was also used to decide where to set completions
  • Pilot Well: Spectra data demonstrated that the reservoir contained several compartments. This allowed for a better informed decision on where to perforate the casing

Maximise Hydrocarbon Returns

  • Exploration Well: from the MWD data the block looked devoid of hydrocarbons but Spectra detected trace amounts. This directly influenced the operators regional scale fluid model

Reduce Operating Costs and Save Time

  • Exploration Well: real-time Spectra data was used in the decision to TD the well early and decide the planned wireline run was no longer needed. This resulted in significant time and money savings

Failsafe for MWD Problems

  • Horizontal Producer Well: failure of the MWD resistivity tool resulted in Spectra being fully relied upon to call TD as soon as OWC was crossed

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