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Spectra Dataset Visualization & Deliverables

Spectra analyzes data in real time, producing logs, charts, graphs and reports that link into HRH Geology’s Gravitas Software Suite.

This information is viewed at the wellsite and synchronized into real time operating centers for rapid interpretation and editing. Results are reported through paper and presentation format specific to the client’s requirements.

EZ-Correlate links proximal and distal information to inform on the overall behavior of formation fluids when applying Spectra data through this powerful visual medium.

Your deliverables will be:

  • Daily Spectra report with basic interpretation from the wellsite
  • Reprocessed data within 24-48 hours after TD
  • Final report and/or presentation with in-depth interpretation
  • Near real-time shore-based in depth analysis available

To enquire about or for a demonstration of Spectra, click the ‘More Information’ button below.