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Spectra Service Overview

Make Better Well Planning Decisions

For years, traditional gas chromatography offered a dependable but limited insight into in-situ formation fluids. The Spectra service utilizes innovative technologies to maximize the benefits of gas data for your asset.

Spectra provides advanced ‘real-time’ gas analysis using the combination of a portable mass spectrometer, proprietary software developed by HRH Geology, and a highly trained geologist/operator. Spectra data has applications in all stages of the well life cycle, from pre-spud to completion and can be up-scaled to influence all aspects of the asset life, from wildcat exploration to late stage development.

The Spectra service allows operators to:

  • Make informed Well Planning decisions
  • Confirm and/or improve models
  • Identify recoverable reserves potential

Increased Detection

The Spectra dataset expands on traditional chromatographic gas data by detecting:

  • Straight chain alkanes from C1 to C10.
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene.
  • Previously undetectable cyclic hydrocarbons and inorganic compounds (including bit burn gases)

This expanded dataset allows for a deeper understanding of the reservoir and overall geological setting. Potential uses of the Spectra data include: petroleum type & quality, fluid contacts, reservoir compartmentalization, residual hydrocarbons and depleted zones, pay and proximity to pay, paleo-migrational pathways, fluid fingerprints, seals and seal integrity and residual hydrocarbons.

The Spectra Service includes:

  • Mass spectrometers
  • In-house developed algorithms with patented OBM discriminator
  • HRH Geology Gravitas software
  • Near real time data interpretation through dedicated and experienced Spectra Geologists
  • In-depth on-shore geochemical interpretation and reporting
  • Assistance with advanced mud gas based multi well correlation

Spectra is a flexible service that can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual client and their specific well requirements. It can work both as an independent service or along with your current mudlogging company.

Whether onshore or offshore, Spectra’s small footprint can be deployed to any installation. Data synchronization with HRH Geology’s Gravitas Software Suite allows for wellsite and office based geological teams to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Data can be displayed in logs and/or reports with additional post well interpretation also delivered in a number of formats.

To enquire about or for a demonstration of Spectra, click the ‘More Information’ button below.