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DrilGas II – Your primary defence in detecting mud gas

Connected to your rig data acquisition system, Drilgas II operates as a standalone TG, % LEL and H2S in mud gas detector throughout your drilling, workover and abandonment operations.

Drilgas II is the latest gas safety detection device developed by HRH Geology, providing:

  • Reliable and accurate stand-alone gas detector
  • Enhanced safety with Total Gas Detection of 0-100% LEL & 0-100% VOL
  • Knowledge and expertise from our 30 years’ experience of providing Gas Safety Equipment

Dual sensor technology, using pellistor and infrared sensors measures the Lower Explosive Limit from 0-100% LEL and the total volume of gas in air from 0-100% VOL, providing drillers and geologists with accurate gas values - simultaneously. This allows the well to be monitored for gas safety and enables sub-surface interpretations to be made through the analysis of total gas in air measurements.

Fully standalone with a small rig footprint and minimal maintenance requirements, Drilgas II is capable of long periods of operation between calibration due to solid state sensor technology, reducing the risk of operation downtime.

Typical Applications of Drilgas II:

  • Rigs with no mudlogging companies operating onboard
  • To provide an independent gas safety check on rigs where mudlogging services are active
  • Decommissioning operations where the small footprint and zero POB requirement of DrilGas II is ideal.