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Drilgas II Features and Benefits

Drilgas II can be utilised in any operation where combustible gas or H2S measurement is required from ambient air detection and leak detection. Featuring a best in class high speed blowback, any moisture built-up in the gas lines is cleared instantaneously, minimising the risk of undetected mud gas.

Drilgas II benefits from a number of key features that enhances its ability to be your primary defence in detecting mud gas

Features and Benefits

  • Stand-alone, small footprint, low maintenance, real-time gas in mud detection – Hydrocarbon & H2S
  • High speed system blowback ensures moisture build up and gas line blockages are cleared instantaneously ensuring non-stop 24/7 operation
  • ATEX zone 1 certified
  • Self-adjusting floating gas trap for constant flow volume gas extraction
  • Tie in to rig data acquisition system for data recording, display and alarm set points
  • Quick rig-site re-calibration
  • Quick access to sensors and immediate reactivation, no purge required – minimising downtime
  • Calibrated to Methane
  • 0-100% TG (volume in air) measured at 0.1% intervals using infrared detector
  • 0-100% LEL, measured to the LEL set point of 5% combustible gas in air, at 0.5% intervals by a Pellistor sensor
  • H2S (0 – 100ppm) measurement
  • Optional Constant Volume Degasser for confined or narrow header boxes
  • Optional WITS data streaming to rig or shore-based operations
  • Optional rig floor display and visual & audible alarms for installation in the driller’s cabin / shaker house
  • Optional Isotube collection capability