Visualize wells and manage Operations

Winlogng is the most flexible log drawing application available today making it the ideal solution for visualizing wells and managing operational geology workflows and data-flows.

Unlimited customization capability enables presentation of well data via log views designed to fit operational and corporate requirements.

  • Readily customise log formats to support operational visualization plus office and field data collection needs
  • Create log templates containing unlimited columns, headers and footers. Add combinations of curves, lithology graphics, grids, scale bars and other data objects in each column
  • Create logs with multiple depth sections at different scales, for example, to emphasize zones of interest
  • Full well lifecycle support and data reuse through planning, drilling, QA, and analysis phases of the operations process
  • Easily compare planned vs. actual vs. offset datasets on a single log
  • Data entered once is available for use on any log thus reducing effort and saving time for the field and office user. This ensures instant, error free and consistent data visualization for improved decision making
  • Design symbols and summary tables to exacting corporate specifications and link to common data sets to guarantee consistency throughout a log, within different logs for a single well, and even across multiple wells

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