Transform your data workflows with your geologist in the cloud


GravitasEDGE applications have been designed with the latest technology to create a seamless and optimal workflow for Operational Geoscience. Iconic applications such as Winlog have been completely re-engineered to take advantage of the power of the web to deliver a full well lifecycle workflow for all well projects including hydrocarbon extraction, gas storage, radioactive/nuclear waste disposal and storage, CCS/CCUS and geothermal. Integrated solutions are available for real-time log visualization and analysis, well correlation, pore pressure monitoring and daily and end of well reporting.

All applications are supported by the cloud ready GravitasEDGE Platform enabling real-time, multi-user, multi-well access to well data, logs, reports and documents for all connected GravitasEDGE users. Enterprise users can utilize the DataBridge to connect users on rigs, offices and homes throughout the world to create a globally distributed interpretation platform, even when working with intermittent communication links.

Winlog App

Integrated with the GravitasEDGE Platform.

Winlog is the most flexible log drawing and interpretation application available today. Winlog is an unrivalled solution for visualizing wells and managing operational geology workflows and data-flows

Readily customize log formats to support operational visualization and field data collection needs

Embedded Well Explorer

All GravitasEdge Apps benefit from the embedded Well Explorer

Intelligent data enhances integration

Comprehensive Units System

User Friendly

Share data seemlessly

EZ-Correlate App

Integrated with Winlog.

Create quick, simple and informative correlation charts to help navigate your well. Designed specifically for operational correlation, the EZ-Correlate App allows the user to:

Interpretative workflows are enabled through EZ-Correlate’s dynamic charts. Inbuilt functionality allows the user to:

Correlate against existing GravitasEDGE wells or digitized legacy wells. EZ-Correlate has been optimized to handle large bitmap formats.

Poreview App

Integrated with Winlog.

POREVIEW extends the capability of Winlog to easily and intuitively calculate pressure profiles within the GravitasEDGE platform.

Reporter App

The Reporter App for GravitasEDGE generates accurate, consistent and high quality reports directly into Microsoft® Word™


The industry’s first open API for operational geoscience integrates your workflows with your geologist in the cloud. Seamlessly integrate with other disciplines such as drilling and asset geoscience.

Powerful API:

Trusted Industry Standard Technology


Discovery Zone

The GravitasEDGE Discovery Zone is the on demand, online training portal for the GravitasEDGE software. The portal provides access to modular training exercises designed to ensure user proficiency and the smooth onboarding of new users.

Subscribed users will navigate through recorded demonstrations and real workflow exercises covering the full suite of GravitasEDGE applications: Winlog, EZ-Correlate, PoreView and Reporter.

Within hours, new users will have the expertize to:

The GravitasEDGE Discovery Zone also provides training around the advanced features in GravitasEDGE. Administration, chart design, Logscript and PoreScript, enable users to design and implement fully customized data visualization and analytical workflows across any number of wells.


Combining the power of the GravitasEDGE platform and proprietary Apps with highly trained and experienced personnel enables the delivery of unparelled services. Continued investment and innovation allows HRH Geology to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the Energy industry both now and in the future.

Customized services delivered with our people and GravitasEDGE improve performance and outcomes. Whether that’s improving operational efficiency, integrating data, combining solutions, improving decision making or developing solutions for the energy transition, customized services add significant value to clients.

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Delivering the rig of the future

“The advent of widespread digitalization and the cloud has created a unique opportunity to build a new generation of Operations Geology software for the rig of the future, improving collaboration and productivity for our customers. Engineered with the latest technology, users have access to a rich operations geology toolset to manage the geological workflow and seamlessly integrate with other disciplines such as drilling and asset geoscience.”

Dawood Khan
Managing Director