Technology Driven Services

Modern cloud technology and connected rigs are transforming the way that wells are planned and delivered in the Energy Business today. By leveraging the unique technology of GravitasEDGE and the knowledge, experience and skills of our people, a new generation of technology based operational services are now available. These services can be delivered remotely to clients around the world, regardless of location and their own digital maturity.

By removing the requirement to locate personnel at the wellsite, clients benefit from a reduction of PoB and associated risk and cost, whilst maintaining the same high level of service quality delivery. Services are available for the monitoring of pore pressure, the geological monitoring of well sections, the interpretation of mud gas and associated offset data, and the delivery of high quality certified geological training. By utilising these innovative and bespoke remotely delivered services clients continue to add value to their operations and ultimately drill better wells.

Real-Time Pressure Monitoring

As a safety critical element of any well execution, pore pressure monitoring is invaluable.  As well as monitoring for potential hazards and well control events, we can evaluate and interpret the greater geological environment creating a deeper level understanding.  What makes this the service of choice is:

Combining our subject matter experts with the cloud enabled GravitasEDGE means the real-time pore pressure service can be delivered with a range of flexibility and minimal work from the client.

Gas Analysis and Interpretation

Mud gas data is often overlooked when amongst a larger set of downhole data.  We believe there is still great value in what is a standard data set, therefore offer a reviewing, analysis and interpretation of existing mud gas data to extract new information.  We do this by:

Additional geochemical data like C-isotopes, PVT samples and Rock-eval data can be combined with mud gas data for further detailed interpretation.

Projects are not limited to just the oil and gas industry, but have applications across the energy sector, including:

Remote Well Monitoring

As well as the traditional delivery of well site geologist’s, we have the flexibility to create solutions to fit any need – and do it remotely, introducing our remote well monitoring service, which: 

Whether the motive Is down manning offshore, cost saving measures technical requirement, or a combination of these, Remote Well Monitoring provides the level of interpretation your well needs, all from the comfort of an onshore facility

Geological Training & Consultancy

A key component to any successful operation is having a highly competent team, whilst enhancing and promoting development in those roles.  Our geological training services provides the tools to create that desired environment, with a selection of:

Our experience of delivering geological training ensures that personnel can reach the calibre of expertise required based on any particular technical environment

Wellsite and Operations Geology

While delivering wellsite and operations geologists around the globe, HRH Geology has built a reputation of providing talented geological personnel.  Today, through our service offering,  we can provide an unrivalled manpower solution with:

Alongside these, we can leverage the service further with our in-house technology, GravitasEDGE, with: