Fluid Contacts

One of the major questions operators often want answered by Spectra is the exact depth of fluid contacts. This data helps them establish the amount of pay in the reservoir, or is used to geosteer a producer well to remain within the pay zone.

Spectra is able to detect gas-oil, gas-water and oil-water contacts whether they are still at their original depth or have moved during production of the field. With MWD data alone fluid contacts can be ambiguous, especially for gas-oil and moved oil-water contacts. Below a moved oil contact there still is a considerable amount of heavy hydrocarbons coating the reservoir grains but geophysical tools often have difficulty determining whether these hydrocarbons are residual or still producible. Spectra on the other hand, detects which hydrocarbons species are present and gives an indication of the amount of associated water.

Highlighting just one of the many fluid contacts Spectra detected, a client wanted to know the exact depth of the moved oil-water contact in their pilot well to then make a decision on the producer well they wanted to drill. The Spectra data clearly demonstrated the contact was 7ft lower than prognosed, giving the operator confidence to go with their riskier side-track option.

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