HPHT Well Issues

Two day course to suit operators and consultant geologists taking part in HPHT operations for the first time.

Overview: HPHT Well Issues is a comprehensive follow-up to the Formation Pressure Evaluation course, focusing on the impact of high formation pressures and temperatures on drilling plans, including equipment, drilling fluids, and logging programmes.

Pore and fracture pressure evaluation in HPHT is conducted using the same techniques as more conventional wells, but the Wellsite Geologist must be aware of the additional hazards posed when drilling the HPHT sections of the well and the much reduced margins for error.

The course examines the various definitions of HPHT currently in use by operators and service contractors, the various geological environments that can create and maintain HPHT conditions, close examination of how familiar drilling hazards are enhanced under HPHT, and a review of technology used to overcome these and drill safely to total depth.

Duration: Two days

Suitable for: Operators and Consultant Geologists taking part in HPHT operations for the first time. Whilst not essential, it is strongly recommended that the Formation Pressure Evaluation course be attended before this course.

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