Wellsite Geology

Overview: A comprehensive, intensive introduction to the duties and responsibilities of the Wellsite Geologist.

The Wellsite Geologist is effectively the manager of geological operations at the wellsite during drilling and acts on behalf of the operating oil company, reporting to the Operations Geologist. The role is also analytical in nature, with geological interpretations used to check that the well is meeting geological targets and also to advise drilling personnel on the geological causes of problems experienced during drilling as drilling apparatus and fluids interact with the rocks forming the borehole wall. Early recognition of unpredicted geological anomalies can lead to rapid and cost-effective solutions being applied, making the well safer as well as within budget.

Topics covered include personal preparations, supervisory skills, rig types, basic drilling, and geological responsibilities during drilling of a well (formation top picking, drilling advice, drill cuttings and gas interpretation, wireline and Logging While Drilling log interpretation, coring operations, biostratigraphy and controlled directional drilling). Exercises in cuttings description and log interpretation accompany the theoretical lectures.

Duration: Four days

Suitable for : Geology graduates without previous wellsite related experience who are either joining an oil company as a new recruit or transferring from other roles within an oil company to the operations group.

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