Reservoir Fluid Compartments

For production it is vital to know whether a reservoir is compartmentalised or not, as this has important implications on where to set completions.

By examining mass spectra from specific depths of interest we can characterise gas and volatile hydrocarbon assemblages and establish ‘fingerprints’ for a reservoir. Contrasting fingerprints in a well can indicate the presence of compartments containing fluids from different sources or mixing of fluids in different proportions. However, reservoirs are often divided into several compartments which all contain the same formation fluid. These compartments can be identified based on total gas and subtle gas ratio changes tied in with lithological properties.

Spectra recently obtained data on an appraisal well through a field that has been produced from for at least a decade. The gas data clearly discerned three reservoir compartments. Two compartments only contained residual hydrocarbons indicating the oil had previously been produced, while the third compartment was still oil bearing and can be targeted for future production.

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