Geologging is our unique and practical alternative to mudlogging, developed to provide a lightweight, efficient service for use in Production and Development drilling.

Key Benefits of Geologging vs. Mudlogging:

  • Reduces costs – Geologging can deliver substantial cost savings vs. traditional mudlogging, without any compromise to safety or quality
  • Reduces POB – Geologgers fulfil the requirements of the Wellsite Geologist, Data Engineer and Mud Logger – freeing up both bed and helicopter space
  • Better space utilization – no specific unit required on the rig
  • Proven and safe concept – HRH Geology has been providing Geologging crews since 1995, deployed internationally on hundreds of wells. The service boasts a history of involvement with over 400 wells, spanning a 12 year period, with zero LTI.

Instead of using an expensive mudlogging crew, Geologging operates with two geologists providing 24 hour cover. They collect and describe cuttings samples and integrate drilling data collected from the rig instrumentation system with their geological interpretation using HRH Geology’s Gravitas software. Data, logs and reports are synchronized back to the operations base to assist in daily decision making.

“By halving the amount of people required combined with the removal of unit rentals, there are significant savings to be made by using Geologging” – client testimonial.

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