Log Generation & Printing

HRH is the preferred choice of many companies for a range of Bureau Services, from the production of composite logs and other chart generation projects, to the plotting of client generated logs on our state of the art wide-format plotters and in-house printers. The service provides a reliable method of meeting corporate, partner or government […]


Geologging is our unique and practical alternative to mudlogging, developed to provide a lightweight, efficient service for use in Production and Development drilling. Key Benefits of Geologging vs. Mudlogging: Reduces costs – Geologging can deliver substantial cost savings vs. traditional mudlogging, without any compromise to safety or quality Reduces POB – Geologgers fulfil the requirements […]

Work with Experts

The Bureau team is made up of highly skilled geologists who know Gravitas software inside-out and collectively have decades of industry experience. The team is available to assist with your geological business needs and can work within the client office to work on specific projects where data has to remain on site. From converting large […]

Government Standards

Many governments around the world specify that end of well logs and reports must be produced within a set timescale upon completion of a well. HRH is here to provide expertise and rapid solutions so that operations teams meet government deadlines on time, every time. The Bureau team has years of experience and are familiar […]


HRH provides a digitizing service as part of a broader workflow for the creation of Gravitas well files and custom logs. The digitizing service enables the capture of information from paper log prints to electronic files that can be imported into the Gravitas data store making it easily accessible for Winlog logs and Repgen reports […]