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Gravitas – The Integrated Operational Geology Software Suite

Gravitas comprises of a number of application modules, including Winlogng the world’s leading log drawing solution. These modules fit together to provide a rich operations geology toolset to manage the geological workflow and seamlessly integrate with other disciplines such as drilling. Scalable from a single laptop user to a multi-user centralized system, Gravitas gives the […]

Gravitas Connector For Petrel*

Extends and enhances the software’s capabilities by connecting the Petrel user to operational geology data and interpretation via a direct link to Gravitas. For the first time, asset geoscience can seamlessly integrate workflows with operations geology through the sharing of data and interpretation before, during and after drilling. Linking wellsite and operations geology to the […]

Increase Productivity with Gravitas

With its philosophy of collect data once and use many times Gravitas reduces the effort required to create logs, charts and reports throughout the entire well lifecycle. Gravitas has a phase architecture within wells, allowing data from one well lifecycle phase to be inherited by the next, as appropriate. Data collected during the Wellsite phase […]

Fully integrated, multi-user tool for full well life-cycle

Fully Integrated with Wellsite Data Any data recorded is immediately available for analysis within PoreView Users can easily populate pressure logs with offset and real-time wellsite data, such as lithology, LOT/FIT, pressure tests, gas peaks and trends, allowing integrated calibration of calculations. Data is entered once, ensuring consistent data visualization across all logs. Multi-User Collaboration […]

PoreView – Intuitive Pore Pressure Evaluation and Analysis

Reduce uncertainty while drilling PoreView is a new Pore Pressure Evaluation tool that extends the capability of HRH Geology’s Winlog software to easily and intuitively calculate pressure profiles and reduce uncertainty while drilling. There is no requirement to re-key data into a separate system, everything required for a better understanding of the subsurface is available […]

User Friendly with Instant Response to Calculations

User Friendly and Intuitive PoreView introduces CalcStack, a key user interface paradigm that enables a step change in productivity through unrivalled ease of use and simplicity. CalcStacks give the user a mechanism to construct composite calculations for overburden, pore pressure and fracture gradient curves. Uniquely, CalcStacks are self-documenting, recording the calculation model, parameters set and […]

Multi-user collaboration and real-time views

Winlogng employs a powerful central database that enables multi-user, multi-well workflows. Operations from single string to collaborative multi-string are fully supported Logs update automatically for all network users when data is entered – either manually or through optional modules such as the Gravitas connector for Petrel™ Real-time update of logs for all network users using […]

Winlogng – The Next Generation of Winlog

Rewritten from the ground up to support increasingly sophisticated E&P log drawing requirements, our breakthrough technology sets a new standard for the industry. Built with the latest software development tools and techniques, Winlogng introduces unparalleled innovations that reinforce its position as the industry’s premier log drawing solution. Unsurpassed power delivered to the end user, both […]

Gravitas Software Support

All software support requests are dealt with by a combination of geologists & technology professionals. To contact support either email support at : Or phone: +44 (0)1224 347086 View the Quick Start webinar Use the HRH Geology Software Support Site to: Access the support helpdesk which has global reach and 24/7 availability. View the […]